I’m Airto. I’m the founder of Numana SEO, and I would like​ ​to tell you why I started this digital marketing agency.

Prior to starting my own company, I was the CEO of a nine-location, multi-speciality medical practice. Over the years, we struggled with finding a digital marketing agency who could keep pace with our aggressive growth strategy. We even faced penalties from poorly performed work, and despite spending a lot of money we continuously failed to get the results we desired.

After working with five companies, I decided to bring our digital marketing in house. I hired my team, and then hired several consultants who were experts in their field to teach us the ins and outs of digital marketing.

As our web team developed, we​ ​quickly learned there are no secrets to succeeding​ ​online. In fact, if you simply follow the guidelines laid out by the largest search engines–and you don’t cut corners–you will find success online.​ ​Within six months, we achieved results the other companies had not.

Digital marketing is not hard–it just takes hard work.

With our success, I realized there was a need for the project management experience and problem solving that allowed our medical practice to achieve success online​. ​So, I recruited a team of experienced professionals, and Numana SEO was born.

If you choose to work with us, my promise to you is this: Your problems are our problems, and we work when you need us. At Numana, you will find a highly-responsive team of individuals who know how to succeed. We don’t give up, and the job isn’t done until we get results.

As a business leader, you can count on us to understand your needs because we’ve been in your shoes. Give me a call anytime, and let’s discuss your business and how we can help you grow.